Igor Cornelsen: The Chief Investment Advisor

October 4th 1947 Igor Cornelsen was born in Curitiba Brazil. He joined the federal University of Parana School of Engineering in 1965. After a two year study in the engineering course he started studying economics and in 1970, he finished and started working in an investment bank.

Igor Cornelsen became an asset at a time when computers were not used in making business complex calculations due to his boundless mathematical background that traverse two majors. Ergo he gained recognition and was promoted to investment banker.

His persistent hard work landed him on the Multibanco board of directors in 1974. He soon moved to work with unibanco, in search of chasing other opportunities, and the fact that unibanco was among the leading investments corporations.

Igor Cornelsen moved to work at Libra Bank PLC, a London merchant bank hence getting paid in US dollars opening a new world of investments possibilities for him. After sundry years of victory Igor and his connects moved into Standard Chartered Merchant Bank.

Serving as the incumbent of Bainbridge INC currently, his own investment firm, he held several senior positions at Brazil’s leading banks making use of all his skills in order to find success and is well known in his apprehension in the domain of investment.

Investment advising these days has become also an area of expertise for him. This came about for him as a direct upshot of his successful career as an investment banker. He takes investment as an avocation and is also a champion in Business.

With his assistance during his career, a horde of struggling businesses expanded into cardinal international success. He gained great perception about banking and business in the country.

Whilst he is semi retired, he still enjoys being part of business and pinpointing investments strategies from time to time.

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Equities First Holdings the first Lender on Securities.

Equities First Holdings bolding stands out as the first lenders to give out loans against securities. When other banks made things harder with various requirements. Equities First Holdings approached customers who were never legible in other banks. It gives the opportunity to quick cash where customers are always welcomed. This puts Equities First Holdings at the top in the lending industry. This approach has made Equities First Holdings at a fast rate growth.

The options that borrowers had has been put at a standpoint where banks have made it hard. This has put customers in a situation where they cannot qualify for loans. All this has been due to high-interest rate. The company has ensured on working to help customers access loans through affordable rates. This goes further with the benefits of access to loans through stock as security. This new way has seen it possible for customers to access loans for their business.


Meet Alex Hern, Founder of Tsunami XR

Alex Hern is one of the leading entrepreneurs in the technology sector. Hern is one of the pioneers of XR, or extended reality, technology. Although few people have access to XR today, it’s an immersive and incredibly effective technology. Relying on cloud-based storage and services, it can access the information it needs from anywhere.

Hern is the founder of Tsunami XR. This company takes XR, commonly associated with games and entertainment, and applies it to real-world situations. XR is incredibly useful for collaborative projects. Tsunami XR harnesses the power of XR to make sharing information and managing projects easier than ever before.

Tsunami XR is headquartered in San Diego, California. This company develops solutions for business clients, to make it easier for them to connect with one another. Communication has always been a priority for Alex Hern. Tsunami XR’s technology looks poised to revolutionize the way people work together on big projects. Envisioning construction projects, for example, will be easier than ever. Teams across long distances can view the same presentations at the same time.

XR has applications for other industries, too. Healthcare is one example of this. XR has the potential to be harnessed for a number of training and development functions in that industry. Ithas the potential to revolutionize patient care and improve outcomes for surgeries and other treatment protocols.

Alex Hern has long been had an entrepreneurial spirit. Prior to founding Tsunami HR, Hern co-founded or ran several startups. These include newhomes.com, Arcsight, and Triton Network Systems. He has been involved in Goldman Sachs-led IPOs, too. Hern has always had plenty of fire in his belly. He is a builder and achiever, and has been his whole life. For years, augmented reality seemed like a fun novelty. It took someone with Hern’s vision to really improve on it and bring it into the business sphere.

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How Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade Managed to Be One of the Best Leaders in the Automotive Industry

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is the chairman of the Board of Directors and founder of CAOA, which is an automotive distributor and assembly company. He entered into the automotive industry in 1979 after the Ford dealership was declared bankrupt. Mr Carlos proposed that the dealership is inferred to him. As a result, he founded CAOA, and he also owned the management of Ford dealership. Currently, CAOA is considered as the largest Ford dealership within Latin America.

In 2006, Mr. Carlos’s company was considered the best Ford dealer within Latin America. It was also an exclusive distributor and importer of Hyundai and Subaru brands in Brazil. Most recently, the company received an award from Hyundai Motor Company located in South Korea, which was the first ever award given by Hyundai Motor Co. to its dealers. The success of the company is as a result of a good market strategy developed by Mr Carlos.

In order to meet and exceed the needs and expectation of customers in the Brazilian market, Mr Carlos’s company started selling cars with different designs. It introduced the Santa Fe, seven and five seater vehicles that had a new type of engine Lambda II 3.3 l. The major launch of the company was the Grand Santa Fe that offered more versatility and comfort. This made Hyundai CAOA be the first when it comes to customer satisfaction.

CAOA Company has ensured that its assembly lines are of high quality by investing in state-of-the-art and modernized technology. It also has a complete production process, which enables the company to meet the highest standards when it comes to quality. The production process of the organization is highly automated.

Consequently, Dr. Carlos’ company is recognized for its highly trained employees including a high-quality service provided to its customers by the employees. This has helped the company become the best when it comes to sales satisfaction.

The above story of Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade will help you understand how he became a successful entrepreneur. You can borrow his ideas and strategies to start and run a successful business.

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OSI Group Is One Of The Oldest And Largest Food Suppliers

There are various food suppliers around the country in the United States today, but few are as large as OSI Group, which operates on a global level. OSI was actually started up by a German that moved over to the United States in 1907. Within a couple years, Otto wanted to manage his own business and started up a small meat market in central Chicago. There were other food suppliers around the area, but Otto managed to do pretty well. After bringing in his sons to the company and renaming to Otto & Sons, the business started to take off and receive more attention from the public. Otto & Sons didn’t actually take on the OSI Group name until the 1970’s when Sheldon Lavin was brought in to the company as an executive.

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For the next two decades, Otto & Sons did moderately well in the market, growing at a small but steady pace over the years. The true game-changer for OSI came in 1950 when OSI formed a business relationship with McDonald’s the worlds leading fast-food chain. As a meat supplier, OSI Group was perfect for the job to supply McDonald’s with all the beef they needed to make their burgers for hundreds of thousands of Americans. With dedicated factories set up for McDonald’s, OSI Group was able to see huge increases in annual revenue because of the massive amount of beef that McDonald’s needed every month.

By 1980, OSI Group had become the official name for the company at the request of Sheldon Lavin, which was accepted by the original owners before the ended up retiring. With Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group was on the road to global expansion, opening new facilities in foreign territory to expand on their food supply network. By 2000, OSI had already become one of the biggest food processors in the United States as they began acquiring other companies in the market.

Source: https://www.wattagnet.com/articles/27248-osi-group-buys-former-tyson-foods-plant-in-chicago

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Jason Hope describes the revolution caused by the IOT

Have you heard about the Internet of Things? It is the biggest trend in the technology sector. It is making headlines with its promising aspect. It looks like it will change the whole industry for the better in coming days. Looking at the work that has been done in the technology sector for many decades ago, this technology looks like the big break that has always been waited for. It is promising to make a huge difference in the lives of the people. With the IoT, life is never going to be the same. There are new possibilities that will be brought by this technology which will make IoT one of the best technologies ever. Read this article by Jason Hope at Daily Forex Report

Jason Hope is a technology commentator. He is one of the people who has been keenly following what is happening in the industry. He is also one of the people who would like to see a major difference in the world made possible by this new technology. IoT is making headlines because it is promising changes which many thoughts were not possible. IoT is enabling devices to communicate among themselves through the internet. It means that devices need not wit for human controls to start functioning. They can reason on their own and do things which could earlier be only possible through human intervention. The beauty of this technology is that human beings will only be receiving information just like a device. The machines will communicate information to the human user.

Jason Hope loves technology so much that even when other experts were doubting about the possibility of the Internet of Things, he remained adamant that it would happen. Now, we are no longer speaking about it happening; it is already here with us. It is expected that by 2020, there will be over 25 billion devices in the world that will be dealing with this technology. Jason Hope believes that IoT will bring significant changes that will see human beings leave some of the basic tasks to machines. Jason Hope has written a book about IoT detailing how it is going to transform the industry.

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Financial Entrepreneur: Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry was an investor for Fortress Investment Group as the Head of International Investor Relations. He started his career at the company in June 2007, and left in December of 2015. His background in finance began when Gareth studied at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, earning his degree in actuarial mathematics. As the head of the program at Fortress, he managed marketing for the company in the United Stated, Europe, and the Middle East. Gareth oversaw the pension and wealth funds, and the insurance relations for Fortress.

In August, an interviewed was conducted with Gareth Henry. As a “math-geek,” Gareth has made a formidable career for himself in the world of finance. Currently, he is now the Global Head of Investor Relations for Alternative Investment Managers, a company he founded. This idea spawned because of his love of mathematics and finance, and how they intersect. He understands his profound gift in being able to interact with his colleagues and clients about their investments, which is something not all mathematicians can do. He gives readers an idea of his daily routine, which is filled with calls and in-person meetings. Gareth works diligently to understand what his clients need. He is able to work as hard as he does because to him, his work is his passion, so why would he not want to devote a lot of his time to make it thrive. Firstly, he has to believe in his idea, and then he is able to execute the proper actions in order to fulfill his goals.

Gareth Henry focuses on two important trends. The first trend is the push towards direct deals and single asset investments. He has noticed that many of his clients are doing many deals on their own or with a partner. The other trend revolves around blockchain and cryptocurrencies. These are alternative methods of investing, but are something to keep a close eye on. As an entrepreneur, there are certain steps he must do to stay ahead, such as following his won path. For example, he believes pipeline management is a main factor in sales, even if others do not agree with him, because it is a simple and boring process. Through experience, hard work, and mentorship, Gareth Henry has become a very well known entrepreneur in the finance sector.

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How Gareth Henry Climbed to the Ladder of Success

Passion is an essential aspect of life that every person should embrace. Gareth Henry passion for finance and investment made him a professional expert in that field of finance.

Gareth Henry’s degree in actuarial mathematics earned at the University of Edinburgh Scotland would have landed him probably in an insurance company. This would be the expectations according to his area of study. Gareth‘s interest was in investment, and he said that he had a knack of talking to colleagues, clients, and strangers asking about their investment in a meaningful way. Thus, it made him different to other mathematics students. The courage and knowledge he has gravitated him towards raising capital and investors relations.

Gareth Henry has a passion for customer service and a good understanding of finance plus its related fields. These aspects uplifted him quickly to the Head of Investors and Global Head of IR at Fortress Investment Group and Angelo Gordon. Gareth Henry made many contributions while at the Fortress Investment Group. Learn more about him: https://www.behance.net/garethhenry

For instance, he raised a high amount of capital for Fortress’ Hedge funds, private credit, real estate vehicle, and private equity. He proved his ability where he engaged with investors around the globe. For example, he meets with investors across Asia, US, Europe, and the Middle East. Gareth always made constant improvements in his career. He worked very smartly with the clients since he always asks for feedback from clients, peers, and other team members. This is the crucial aspect of meeting the needs of the clients.

Mentorship is another important aspect of giving people awareness all around the globe. Gareth Henry has mentored many people whom today are experts in their field. He has been a figure of success to companies and individuals. He believes that activity creates opportunity. Thus any meaningful activity one can engage in, can also create a good chance towards climbing the ladder of success.

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Roseann Bennett Seeks To Bring Therapy Relief To Those In Need


Roseann Bennett is the co-founder of the Center for Assessment and Treatment, a nonprofit facility that was designed and constructed to address mental health needs for those that otherwise would not have been able to afford it. While Bennett’s non-profit organization is well-known for not refusing anyone who cannot afford to pay, we should instead be focusing on the level of quality work that they are providing. In order to get a full understanding of the facility and its mission statement, we need to learn a little more about Roseann Bennett herself.

Roseann Bennett is a licensed therapist who has over a decade of experience working as a marriage counselor and family therapist. Bennett has been hands-on for years working with crisis management familiar problem-solving. Based out of New Jersey, Bennett’s resume speaks for itself but it is her work at the Center for Assessment and Treatment that may speak the loudest. Let’s go ahead and jump into what made Bennett decide to create this facility. Recently the Center also incorporated Canine Assisted Therapy in their list of innovative solution to mental health issues.

Initially, Bennett started her career working as an in-home therapist. It wasn’t until she was pushed to doing outpatient therapy that she realized just how difficult it was for families to find an available meeting with a qualified therapist. Roseann Bennett points out that some patients would wait anywhere from six to nine months before they would get the mental health services that they needed! Realizing that this kind of wait time was simply not acceptable, Bennett decided to go ahead and establish her own practice that could get the help that these people needed without the long delay.

When Bennett first established the Center for Assessment and Treatment, their approach was a modest one. Their small office space was comprised of furniture that Bennett had brought from her own home. She would work six days a week, 11 hours per day. Now, with some success in her past, the facility is growing and will be able to accommodate even more patients. Read This Article for more information.


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Randal Nardone Inputs in the Growth of Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone is a renowned financial expert who has spent the majority of his time in the financial investment industry. He is the famous founder of Fortress Investment Group and has been able to play very significant roles towards enhancing the growth of the company. Randal is the company’s Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Operating Officer. Randal Nardone is a renowned professional lawyer despite his position at the finance related company. He started his career as a lawyer and also possess a bachelors as well as a masters degree in law.

The company, Fortress Investment Company through the significant contributions of the four partners has been able to instill more confidence in American Investors who have been able to work with the company since its establishment in 1998. The company owns various international investment assets worth over $37 billion. Fortress is also lucky to have a control over approximately 1750 clients who are either private or institutional. The company specializes in various types of businesses which incorporates real estate, permanent capital, private equity investments and credit as well.

Randal Nardone has managed to establish several investment firms and the majority are the most successful in the industry. He has undoubtedly a very brilliant career and has always believed in working for the success of his skills and career. From being a lawyer to leading a financial investment company has never been a joke and Randal is famous for making this landmark decision. It is also an indication that there are broader and wider opportunities in the finance industry. His decision of establishing a private investment firm was brought by the current tremendous growth being witnessed in the finance industry. The company is one of the most famous investment ventures at the New York Security Exchange. So many investors and companies are always after the company’s services.

The huge flow of customers and investors at Fortress has been brought about by the portfolio that has been brought about by Randal Nardone. He has also managed to introduce so many activities at the company. His dedication to the company has been able to lead to the expansion as well as the growth of the company in the future and the present. His contributions have a long-term impact on the Fortress Investment Group. His awesome and incredible leadership skills in the industry of finance has been noticed by so many potential investors who have managed to join the team of over 1750 clients at the company.