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Adam Goldenberg Is Bringing JustFab’s Big Data Interface In A New Direction

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JustFab is becoming a big name in the fashion world, even more so because actress Kate Hudson is heading up one of their subsidiaries Fabletics. But even more so than their membership bonuses and VIP program on, they’ve been able to harness data analytics to help meet customer needs. As a result of the big data analytics, their CEOs Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have decided to rename the company to TechStyle Fashion Group. Goldenberg has felt this name is more fitting to the company based on their end objective, bringing silicon valley and fashion runway together to make something unique.

Adam Goldenberg has put a lot of ideas into JustFab in the few years it’s been in existence, but he has quite a history of doing the same at every other place he’s worked. While he was still only in high school, Goldenberg started tapping into the power of running a business online, something that even at that time was a relatively new concept on He founded Gamer’s Alliance, a website that caught the eye of Intermix Media. Intermix Media is the company that later started MySpace, and they hired Goldenberg before he even decided to attend college. He was the youngest Chief Operating Officer on a publicly-traded company at the time he assumed that role at Intermix Media. Goldenberg also worked closely with Don Ressler and became good friends with him. Ressler had previously founded

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Goldenberg and Ressler both had the idea to build an advertising network along with an e-commerce division at Intermix Media, and that’s when they built their first company together, Alena Media. That company was phased out when News Corp bought Intermix Media, so Goldenberg and Ressler both decided to leave the new MySpace social media juggernaut at Out of Goldenberg’s own home, they started Intelligent Beauty, an incubator company for several cosmetic and health product brands. In 2010, they decided they were going to launch a fashion company out of Intelligent Beauty, and that became JustFab.

JustFab became successful because Adam Goldenberg and Ressler saved on high spending advertising costs, and through their subscription model made the trendy fashion designs affordable. Model Kimora Lee Simmons liked this new company, so she joined them and became the Creative Director for some time, and then actress Kate Hudson joined the Fabletics division. JustFab has received over $285 million in venture capital during its time, enough to drive it to being valued over $1 billion, and today it’s cash-flow independent.

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Sam Boraie; Breathing Life into the New Brunswick Community

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Sam Boraie is the VP of Boraie Development. The company is a real estate development firm that has been involved in numerous projects in New Brunswick, NJ. Besides working in New Brunswick, the company has operations in Atlantic City and Newark.

Boraie Development Partners with Shaquille O’Neal

The company ( recently partnered with Shaquille to bring an outstanding new building in his hometown of Newark. The building was the first new high-rise development in the town for over 50 years. The complex, which came at a cost of $60 million, was opened to the people of Newark for rent upon completion. O’Neal wanted to give back to his hometown while Boraie Development was willing to help him give back to his community. Besides the rental complex, the town also got a new movie theater. The citizens of the town of Newark were excited to have had a new theater in their town after so many years.

Boraie Development’s Premier Project

The Aspire is undoubtedly going to be one of the most luxurious properties in New Brunswick, reports It is located steps away from the New Brunswick Train station. It is a full-service building where residents will have all their demands met. Some of the services include on-site management and a 24-hour doorman. Besides that, it features a garage that is fitted with an elevator service to the lobby. The interior fittings are a site to behold. It features gourmet kitchens that have custom quarter countertops, stainless steel appliances, in-home Bosch dryers and washer, and much more.

Other Developments Undertaken By the Company

The company has also been involved in some great work in Atlantic City. Its investment in Atlantic City is centered on the south inlet region of this city, which has historically been barren. The company prides itself in staying ahead of the pack with development that is beneficial to the communities in NJ. Its primary development in Atlantic City is focused on creating a 250-unit apartment building that will provide the people of NJ with quality housing.

Philanthropic Work by Sam Boraie

Sam Boraie is a member of the Board of Trustees for the historic State Theater NJ. Boraie Development has helped to sponsor a free summer movie series at the theater. The aim was to bring some entertainment to the people of New Brunswick while entertaining them. Various family favorites such as Monster University were shown. It was an opportunity for family and friends in the community to gather for an entertaining event.

Boraie is also on the advisory board of Elijah’s Promise, which is a charitable organization based in New Brunswick. Elijah’s Promise is a charity, which believes in using food to bring about change in the community. Besides that, the charity aims to use food to promote education, good health, and jobs for the community. It actualizes its wishes through various programs scattered throughout New Brunswick. The activities include a community garden and a soup kitchen. If it were not for the financial support that Sam Boraie and other provide to the charity, it would not be able to fulfill its mission.

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Fabletics Has Become Famous For Their Amazing Variety Of Affordable Garments.

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Generally, the common customer is of the conviction that if merchandise is deemed to be expensive, then it is probably merchandise of high quality. Time and again, the customer discovers that this is not a worthwhile viewpoint to hold in today’s world. A remarkable change in the course of the economy has forced customers seek out merchandise with solid reviews, attractive designs, and for sellers that find out if their customer is satisfied with their merchandise, even though they paid less money for it.


The fashionable merchant called Fabletics is a chic online merchandise vendor that is adored by its customer base. Primarily formed by the acclaimed actress Kate Hudson in 2013, in collaboration with Mr. Adam Goldenberg & Mr. Don Ressler, Fabletics is renowned in particular for their established placement in the merchandise class called “activewear.” Equal to the pace with which Amazon, the online merchandise vendor, has managed to grab a 20% control over the online merchandise category, Fabletics has grown to the appraisal of a $250 million merchandise company in only three years.


Fabletics makes use of unique customer data to investigate what customers are inquiring about getting from their numerous stores, so that Fabletics can realize exactly what customers are wanting. Every time that a customer looks at merchandise from their Fabletics internet vendors, this customer’s data is communicated to the Fabletics physical merchandise vendors, to confirm that they are offering the same merchandise that the data documents that customers online are looking to find. This greatly assists the physical merchandise vendors by enabling them to quickly change out merchandise on the shelves, so that Fabletics can be in tune with the present trends in style.


A large amount of customers have only just discovered that many of the physical merchandise vendors have been heading online. This move is because the potential customer only comes into the physical merchandise vendor to look over and inspect available merchandise, but afterward, they go online to do the real buying of the merchandise from an utterly different vendor, and almost always spending less money. Fabletics hasn’t encountered this example of customer behavior with their merchandise. Fabletics uses a customer policy for their internet vendors that brings in a great amount of customers to contract with them. Those customers can confirm that the merchandise is of exceptional quality. Customer comments of the merchandise are needed for bringing in new customers to enter into the physical merchandise vendors and buy merchandise from Fabletics. The Customer data proves that 50% of the people who enter into the physical merchandise vendors are current members of the online Fabletics’ customer policy, and 25% of the actual visitors in the physical merchandise vendors become members of the policy themselves, solely from their first shopping experience.

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