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Luxurious Property Development With Hussain Sajwani Of DAMAC

Hussain Sajwani


Hussain Sajwani, a prominent leader and developer of real estate in Dubai, is well known for his craftsmanship in making sure that clients enjoy revolutionary property developed through modern techniques. His prowess and determination as a thriving business professional reflect the future of his company in developing real estate. Hussain Sajwani is known as a savvy contributor of real estate in the Middle East. Learn more:


A look at Hussain’s profile


At a young age, Hussain invested in education. He worked long hours and borrowed constructive experiences from his father. Working as a seller in his father’s shop, he was able to garner extensive skill-sets. Consequently, Hussain Sajwani became an admired, youthful entrepreneur, who put a lot of time in his father’s workshop. Devastated by the long, working hours, Hussain Sajwani capitalized on founding his business. That marked the beginning of his enterprises.


Hussain’s education


In pursuing education, Hussain Sajwani attended the prestigious Washington University. He majored in engineering and was among the leading students in his class. He later moved back to his native land and worked in the industries of oil and gas. Later into the years, Hussain Sajwani established a catering business. The business did well to a point of landing the tender to feed the U.S Army. That was during the Gulf Wars. Aside from that, the company was instrumental in feeding the less fortunate; a project that links Hussain Sajwani to philanthropy.


Hussain’s current leadership position


Presently, Hussain Sajwani is prominent for leading DAMAC Group, a real estate company that is directly linked to developing luxurious property in Dubai. Hussain Sajwani took advantage of Dubai’s open market to establish his business. He has since been successful at it. One aspect that perhaps makes his business flourish more is his ability to incorporate strong entrepreneurial networks.


The conclusion


Hussain Sajwani has worked with high-profile individuals like Donald Trump and Tiger Woods. His golf course project was solely dedicated to Trump. This project elevated his business in various aspects. Being the DAMAC owner, Hussain has developed more than 10,000 luxurious apartments that come with over 44,000 apartments. It is evident that Hussain Sajwani family is supportive of the skilled entrepreneur who implements successful strategies to develop his business. Learn more:

Securus Technologies Innovating Today for a Safer Tomorrow

Criminal justice and public safety technology solutions provider Securus Technologies serves over 3,4550 correctional and public safety facilities, and the products are available to about 1.2 million inmates. For more than thirty years, the company has offered solutions for biometric analysis, monitoring, information management, communication, incident management, and investigation. Inmates benefit from the various self-service platforms, communication, money transfer solutions, and education, entertainment, religion and health device-enabled solutions.


Law enforcement agencies, prisons, and other users in public safety facilities write back to comment on the impact of the company’s products and services. In the recently received emails, the users expressed gratitude and support for the products. In one case, Securus Technologies devices had helped a law enforcement investigate and monitor calls to gather information on money transfer substance abuse by inmates and smuggling of illegal devices into the facilities. Similarly, an officer was able to uncover a past shooting incident using the Securus products and services.


Most of the customers acknowledged the LBS software and the Investigator Pro that are instrumental in monitoring and investigations. The other emails talked about improved efficiency in delivering services, lauded efforts made by Securus to use technology to create safer spaces and for being a reliable partner.


Securus Technologies resolves to make safety a priority. As such, the company commits to creating a new product or service more than once a week to assist in combating social problems and crimes. Securus Technology invested over $670 million towards acquisitions, product diversification, partnerships, patents and new technology. Thanks to the in-house team of experts the company can speed up the development of new software. Until 2007, the company concentrated mainly on the inmate telecommunications services.


The company interacts with the stakeholders to get feedback on th products and brainstorm on possible solutions to increasing public safety. Securus Technologies also intends to reduce recidivism and improve functionality and efficiencies in public law facilities.


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Trade Unionist, Jim Larkin

James Larkin was born in 1876 to Irish parents. Having a poor background, they lived in the slums of Liverpool and had to struggle to supplement their daily needs. James Larkin went to school briefly, and at an early age, he had to couple this up with working to provide for his family. Therefore, he would go to school in the morning and later in the afternoon, find some work.

His father passed on while he was still young, and he took over his position at work. He did not, however, maintain this for long as he was dismissed two years later. He was left to struggle with the jobs he could find because he had dependants. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

After a fierce tussle, he finally landed a position at the London Docks, as a docker and foreman. In 1905, James Larkin took part in a strike that involved several foremen. The National Union of Dock Laborers identified him and later accepted him as a temporary member. Later the same year, he was accepted fully into the Union.

NUDL was just the beginning, as James was to form several movements to fight for the rights of workers. Workers in Ireland were not treated fairly. They were rated and employed according to expertise and skill. James felt that this was not right since expertise is something that is gained after some time.

He disagreed with the Secretary-General of the union, James Sexton; so he moved to Dublin. While there, Jim Larkin deployed militant strikes method, without the permission of NUDL. He was dismissed in 1907. He then formed the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union, ITGWU with the aim of uniting Irish workers, both skilled and unskilled. Read more: James Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

James Larkin also formed the Irish Labor Party, which led to the greatest and most significant strike in 1913; the Dublin Lockout. This lockout involved 100,000 workers and more, who went on strike for over eight months. By the end of the strike, an achievement of fair employment was achieved.

James went to the United States, following the outbreak of World War I, a war he held protests and demonstrations against. Following its persistence, James Larkin provided fund aid against the British. He was arrested in 1920 for socialism and criminal anarchy, but the charges were dropped in 1923. James was deported to Ireland where he formed the Workers’ Union of Ireland. This acquired recognition in 1924 from the Communist International.

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Dr. Scott Rocklage, a successful healthcare manager

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Dr. Scott Rocklage has been the Managing Partner at 5AM Ventures since 2004. Before he joined the company, Dr. Rocklage had a wealthy background in health management sector that spanned for three decades.

He has worked in various organizations involved in healthcare management including Nycomed, Catalytica, Cubist Pharmaceuticals, and Salutar. Under his strategic leadership, the company has developed new drug applications for Teslascan, Cubicin, and Omniscan.

Before joining 5AM Ventures, Dr. Scott Rocklage worked as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Cubist Pharmaceuticals. He also worked as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Nycomed Salutar. At Catalytica and Salutar, he held various research as well as development positions.

Dr. Scott Rocklage’s educational background is impressive. To this end, he graduated from America’s famous and prestigious University. These are the University of California in Berkeley as well as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In this case, he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry from the former and a Ph. D in chemistry from the former.

He was also lucky and honored to have conducted his Ph. D research work at the Richard R. Schorock’s Laboratory. The lab is run by a renown scientist Richard Schrock who was awarded the 2005 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his contribution to Chemistry.

Dr. Rocklage achievements include being an inventor of more than 30 American patent. Additionally, he has authored and published over a hundred research papers in peer-reviewed journals.

In addition to his role at 5AM Ventures, Dr. Scott Rocklage holds other important positions in other organizations. One of these roles includes at Cidara, Rennovia, and Kinestral organizations where he serves as the Chairman of the Board. Read more: Scott Racklage | Bloomberg

Asked what makes his a successful professional in healthcare management, he noted that he has a high regard to calendaring, prioritization and time management.

He advises young scientists to work with other entrepreneurs who are critical when developing medicines which treat the unmet medical needs. Additionally, he notes that targeting specific genotypes of mutations is a trend that should interest young scientists as it holds key to developing and improving medicines which will save more lives in the future.

Currently, Dr. Rocklage resides in Boston at 5AM Ventures Offices. He sits at the Whitehead Institute as a Board of Associates member. This institute is considered as prestigious non-profit research and educational institution that deals with biomedical research.

For his outstanding achievements, Dr. Scott Rockalage is considered as among the most influential professionals in healthcare management in the United States.

Learn more about Scott Rocklage:

The Amazing Career of Scott Rocklage of 5AM Ventures

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Fabletics: The Saving Grace of Women and Gym Fashion

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Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are no strangers when it comes to cultivating and nurturing a small start up business. Both Goldenberg and Ressler are well respected and highly praised for their work and contributions in the ecommerce industry.

Together they have founded the company of TechStyle. Eventually, Techstyle proved to be the perfect opportunity for the birth of Fabletics as many a woman have come to know it. However, both Goldenberg and Ressler found themselves to be well experienced prior to their release of the popular athleisure brand.

Goldenberg began his career as an entrepreneur at the ripe old age of thirteen. His very first business originated as an online forum for gaming. Eventually Goldenberg expanded this forum to a full fledged website.

Only four years after the initial spark of the business Goldenberg made the decision to sell his website. Once sold, there was no turning back for Goldenberg. Only a few years later, Goldenberg determined that the industry of ecommerce was a blooming opportunity for up and coming small business.

Similarly, Ressler has also developed his career from a young age. Unlike Goldenberg, Don Ressler’s career propelled forward with the selling of his first company, In a twist of fate, Ressler sold his company to the same larger business that Goldenberg had.

Eventually, Goldenberg and Ressler came together to establish Techstyle. Together with their individual talents, the two grew Techstyle into the successful company that lead to Fabletics. Learn more about Adam Goldenberg: and

In recent years the subcategory of athleisure fashion has caught fire. Initially however the growth of this industry was slow. In the not so distant past women of all ages found themselves having to choose between looking fashionable and practicing an active lifestyle.

At first it seemed that women had no choice but to spend large sums of money on clothing that they did not really love. It was during this dark period that Goldenberg and Ressler saw the opportunity to change the playing field. At first, the taking off of fable tics was not a smooth one.

Originally, Goldenberg and Ressler had only a concept of what they would look to achieve, but did not fully comprehend the psychology of women in fashion. As such, they enlisted the help of actress Kate Hudson and every day women. Even today Fabletics continues to thrive on the real time feedback of the women who continue to support the company.

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Dick DeVos:

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Dick DeVos is a successful businessman and author from Michigan. DeVos did come from a wealthy and successful family. Aside from being a successful businessman, DeVos hs always had an interest in Politics. Dick DeVos even ran for Governor of Michigan. Even though DeVos did not win the race for Governor he was grateful for the opportunity as well as the experienced that he gained.


Dick DeVos was involved with the family business from a very young age. The family business was a company called Amway. Dick DeVos officially began working for Amway in 1974. DeVos held various position while with Amway. Positions that Dick DeVos held include Research & Development, Manufacturing as well as Sales.


After a decade of hard work with Amway, DeVos became a Vice President in 1984. After becoming one of Amway’s VP’s, DeVos was responsible for operation management which covered 18 countries. Dick DeVos work hard and was able to open various new markets which were quite profitable to Amway. For the first time in years, under Devos direction foreign sales began to exceed targeted expectations.


After 18 years with Amway, DeVos decided to leave the company to pursue other interests. Dick DeVos was a valuable asset to Amway and many hated to see him go.


After leaving Amway, Devos father made a decision to purchase the Orlando Magic Basketball Franchise. Within a matter of month Dick DeVos became part owner of the basketball franchise.


Eventually, Dick DeVos gave up his ownership rights that he had with the Orlando Magic Basketball Franchise and returned to Amway. Dick DeVos quickly became President of Amway after rejoining the company. The company embarked on an expansion project which turned out to be quite successful.


Devos and his partner were credited with taking Amway Global. In addition, Dick DeVos was able to successfully set new standards as Amway tested out new and profitable markets. After some restructuring and internal changes Amway eventually changed its name to Alticor.


Dick DeVos decided to retire from Alticor in 2002. By this time under the direction of DeVos Alticor gross sales exceeded $6 billion dollars. After leaving Alticor, DeVos founded an investment firm called the Windquest Group. Dick DeVos became President as well as owner of the Windquest Group.


The Windquest Group focused on technology as well as manufacturing. The Windquest Group began working closely with Electra-Therm Company. Electra-Therm provided additional as well as advanced technology services and consulting.


Dick Devos currently holds a Bachelor degree in Business from Northwood University. In addition, DeVos later attended Harvard Business School to earn credits toward his MBA. However, Devos did not finish the MBA Business Program at Harvard.


Aside from business, DeVos became involved with educational issues involving children. DeVos along with his wife became heavily involved with school voucher programs. Dick DeVos also became co-chairman of an organization called “Kids First”. This organization is in charge of amending certain programs which will allow vouchers as well as tax credits for private education.


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Elizabeth Warren Receives Important Endorsement From End Citizens United

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End Citizens United is endorsing Senator Elizabeth Warren in her bid for reelection. End Citizens United is an organization that has as its goal the cancellation of Citizens United, which is a Supreme Court decision. End Citizens United feels that it leads to unscrupulous campaign finance tactics. Elizabeth Warren has also fought against Citizens United. Tiffany Muller is the president of End Citizens United. She said that Warren has spent her entire career standing up against special interests and for the American people. Warren is a strong advocate for better campaign finance laws. She works hard for every American family. She works against the system in Washington.


Warren herself was very vocal about her opposition to Citizens United. She said that it allows a few extremely rich people to flood campaigns with election donations. They can then use their clout with elected politicians by getting their secret agendas passed. These agendas benefit their own business, but all too often, it is the little people who get left out. Warren says that it is time that every citizen gets a say in our democracy. We can not let a few rich people to hire hundreds of lobbyists to get what they want done. She said that she felt honored to have received the endorsement of End Citizens United and she looks forwards to working with them to end Citizens United. Warren has always been a voice for more transparency and disclosure when it comes to election finances. That is why Wall Street does not like her. End Citizens United will help her get elected by calling on its base of over ten thousand concerned citizens to help her get elected by donating to her campaign and by voting for her on election day.


End Citizens United is also raising funds for its fight for election reform. They are set to raise over thirty five million dollars before the midterm elections next year. That is around ten million dollars more than what they raised during the presidential election during last year.


During the first quarter of this year, they already collected more than four million dollars. Over one hundred thousand people donated to them. Forty thousand people made their first donation. The average donation was only twelve dollars.

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Luis Carlos Trabuco Cappi History With Bradesco Company

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In recent news from the Terra Magazine, it was announced that, there were fewer influential executives in the Brazil economic life. However, the president of Bradesco Company was named amongst the few influential executives. It was made clear that, the professionals undergo the credit operational process and thanks to their ranks, political leaders closely follow their opinions. Additionally, their opinions appear prominently on the front pages of magazines and newspapers.

In Bradesco’s last meeting, they announced the person who was going to enjoy these privileges as, Luis Carlos Trabuco Cappi. In the meeting, Luis was proposed as the next manager of the company. He was said to have replaced Marcio Cypriano who had retired due to the age limit. All the same, Marcio had set an outstanding record, over the past one decade, with his increase in market value from $5 billion to $30 billion.

Luis Carlos Trabuco Cappi was the fourth president since the starting of the company. The company has a 65 years history with the other three presidents being Amador Aguiar, Lazaro Brandao, and Cypriano. The new president was alleged to have a strong identification with the Bradesco’s culture with his 40 years experience. Having gone through strategic institutions such as private pensions and marketing, he was announced the perfect candidate for the job.

Trabuco’s main competitor, Itau Unibanco, was reputed to be R $ 150 billion, in assets, above Bradesco Company. With just R $ 422 billion worth in assets, Luis Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s new job at the company will be a no walk in the park. However, it was insinuated that the only way to narrow the gap was through acquisition of smaller banks. Although there has been consensus in the market concerning the lack of acquisition opportunities, Trabuco has communicated the ability to recover ground.


Trabuco was appointed the president in the year 2003, after having worked in the company for 40 years. He first started as a clerk and later on worked in several positions in the company. During the last appointment by the board members, Luis Carlos Trabuco Cappi was tipped off as the best candidate but he was only 45 years and ended up being deprecated. Ten years down the line, Cypriano, the acting president, according to the statute, was found to have been over the company’s age limit for the position.

Having being named the new president of Bradesco, Luis Carlos Trabuco Cappi was tasked with a difficult job since the company was in an unfavorable economic environment. The company’s probable fall in profitability was recounted to have been caused by a new competitor in the market. Previously, Bradesco was reported to have acquired ten banks including Spanish BBVA, BMC, and Boavista and was the first and the biggest private bank in Brazil.

Nevertheless, its position was lost to a new bank, Itau Unibanco, whose intentions were to be the first Brazilian multinational bank. Apart from that, not only did they beat them in position but also in asset acquisition. Apparently, Unibanco was estimated to own more assets than even Banco do Brazil, the second largest bank in asset in Latin America. Luis Carlos Trabuco Cappi challenge to regain the company’s glory was articulated to rely on asset acquisition, which was currently faced with challenges. Among the medium sizes banks in Brazil, there was only Safla, whose sale was thought to be unlikely. According to analysts, larger companies such as Banco had acquired majority of the medium banks therefore fueling to Bradesco’s crisis. All the same, under the management of Carlos Trabuco Cappi new strategies are set to take place and uphold the company’s previous position.

Find more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi:

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Mark Hutchinson – Reconnecting People with the Outdoors

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Mark Hutchinson grew up in Sydney, Australia. He has called Sydney home since he was eight after his father settled the family there permanently. He spent his first year after graduation as a jackaroo in the Northern Territory of Australia, a young man working on sheep or cattle stations. This is done to gain experience needed to become an owner or manager of one of these stations.


One of Mark’s first major adventures in his young adult life was spent in a car traveling through Africa. He was only 19 during this excursion. He attended the University of Sydney, where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics in 2001. Not long after finishing school, he started an adventure company called UNTAMED, where he reconnected people with the outdoors. He was 22 when he started this company. He met his wife, Sophie, during this time. Learn more:


In 2005, Mark completed a course at EcoTraining in Nelspruit, South Africa. This course is needed to qualify as a guide in Africa. This is where he met Anton Lategan, who is the owner of EcoTraining. After returning to Australia, it was suggested he attend INSEAD, one of the world’s leading graduate business schools. He received his Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) and states that this was one of his greatest decisions he has made. Learn more:


Returning to Australia with his M.B.A., Mark decided to expand UNTAMED and renamed his company Avana in 2010. He wanted to focus on eco-tourism and guide-training programs more. He sold the company in 2013 to Vocation Group IPO where he became CEO, but within two years, the company had gone under. After Avana, he partnered with Lategan and became one of the directors of EcoTraining in 2015. Learn more:


With full support from his wife, Sophie, they started a company that focuses on protecting the world’s biodiversity, named WildArk, continuing to reconnect people with the outdoors. Mark is currently completing a Masters of Conservation Biology degree at Macquarie University in Sydney. His lifelong goal is to leave this world in a better state for his children and future generations.


Why George Street Photo and Video Chicagoland are the Best

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The greatest of memories live with us forever. More than often, we like to capture them so that we may share them with others in the future.

George Street Photo and Video Address Locations is a photography and videography business located in Schaumburg and Orland Park, Chicago, IL. They specialize in wedding photography and wedding videos. They also offer engagement photo services throughout Chicago.

The main reason behind their success is their highly experienced staff who are excellent in their work. Since it was established, George Street Photo and Video has served thousands of their clients to their satisfaction. They have a picturesque portfolio, which they use to guide their clients.