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Dr. Saad Saad Creates A Catheter With Electromagnetic Technology

In the medical world, there are people that have left a big impact on their patients and the medical world in general.

While Dr. Saad Saad is a name that you may have never heard of, among the thousands of children that he has helped as a pediatric surgeon are the children of royalty and some of the most disadvantaged children in the world. In the end, his goal as a medical professional is to make sure that patients are able to have their medical concerns treated with as little pain as possible.

Dr. Saad’s desire to reduce the pain of people undergoing medical procedures has led him to make some changes to medical equipment that is used in hospitals and clinics every single day around the world. As a pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad knows first hand the limitations that some of this equipment has when it is being used in practice. Instead of waiting for someone else to create a solution for these problems, he decided to make them himself.

Catheters are a very common piece of medical equipment that has a lot of uses. It’s an important part of surgical procedures, diagnostics, and treatment but they can still be difficult to use when it comes to placement. He knew that there had to be a better way to place them that didn’t involve bulky equipment and doses of radiation.

While small doses of radiation are generally harmless for most patients, over time this damage can add up to some big problems like cancer and organ failure. This is especially a problem for people with chronic conditions that frequently rely on imaging and other procedures that use radiation. Read more: Dr. Saad Saad Medical Missions | Chronicle Week and Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

Traditional catheters use x-rays and MRI during the process of placement which makes them almost impossible to use in emergency situations. This equipment can take time to move and there are also room size limitations to take into consideration especially in instances of trauma where the patient shouldn’t be moved to another room. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: and

Instead of using imaging, the system that Dr. Saad Saad created relies on electromagnetic technology to track the device. The tip of the catheter is equipped with a location device that is tracked with a small device. This small device can be moved along the patient’s body until indicator lights have activated that show where the catheter is currently located.

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OSI Food Solutions UK Takes Home British Safety Council’s 2016 Globe Of Honor

It was joy and celebration as OSI Food Solutions was announced as the winner of the highly coveted Globe of Honor Award from the British Safety Council for the year 2016.

This company is a subsidiary of OSI Group, one of the global leaders in food solutions production and distribution and has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. This UK subsidiary was awarded as a result of its industry-leading management of environmental risks. The prestigious honorary award was presented to the company’s management during at London City’s Draper’s Hall during an Award luncheon.

At the top of its game

OSI Food Solutions UK managed to beat a total of 18 competitors drawn from all over the globe to take home the award. The food solutions provider had the best demonstration of commitment towards excellent environmental management of all the competitors for the award. This honorary award is more than just an achievement for the company, it’s an accurate measure of the company’s dedication towards environmental conservation.

The British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor has strict requirements for its participating contestants. To begin with, all the contestants must have achieved the maximum five stars in the council’s environmental audit. Additionally, the company has to demonstrate its wholesome commitment – from the boardroom to the shop floor – to promote environmental management.

Good timing

This honorary award could not have come at a better time for OSI Food Solutions than this. This is because the company is currently working hard to capture the European market and this award will give it an upper hand over its competitors. In its quest to take over the European market, this food solutions company has gone ahead and acquired a majority share in the Dutch company, Baho Food. Baho Food has a total of five successful subsidiaries covering different regions of the continent and different spectrums of the market. OSI food solutions also acquired Flagship Europe to push forward its agenda to capture the European market. The management of this fast-growing global food solutions producer and supplier said that this award was a clear indication of the company’s commitment to better the environment and the society in it as a whole.

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Betsy DeVos on Getting Things Done

What is New with Betsy DeVos?

Betsy DeVos is the new Secretary of Education in the USA. Betsy DeVos began working as Secretary of Education when Donald Trump came in to the presidency in 2016. DeVos is also the wife of Dick DeVos. Dick DeVos was the president of Amway for several years. Recently, there was an article done about Betsy DeVos and her new role. President Trump decided to rescind a law that allowed transgender students to go to bathrooms according to the gender that they identified with. DeVos knew that this move would be controversial. In order to warn the transgender community about the rescinded law, DeVos decided to meet with representatives of the community and inform them. With this move, Betsy DeVos was able to show respect to the transgender community while still working in harmony with her parties ideals.


The Changes Betsy DeVos Made in Michigan

Betsy DeVos wanted parents to have more freedom to choose what type of education that their children would receive. In order to do that, she wanted to open up more charter schools throughout the country. Charter schools are run much like private schools. The only difference is that charter schools receive public funding. Betsy DeVos was dedicated to forming more charter schools in the Michigan area, and because of that, Michigan is now the state with the highest number of charter schools in the entire country. DeVos is fierce when she is fighting for what she believes to be right.


Betsy DeVos on Giving

Betsy and Dick DeVos are philanthropist. They are highly aware of the fact that they have been blessed with wealth and good fortune. They are dedicated to giving back to individuals who are in need. In order to do that in the most efficient manner, Dick and Betsy DeVos created the DeVos family foundation. This is a foundation that was able to give funds to different charities and organizations across the country. Where Dick and Betsy DeVos saw disparities, they did their best to even the score. They found out that families living in Michigan with sick children had to travel far in order to go to Children’s Hospital’s that were in different states. In order to help these families, they had a Children’s Hospital build right in the heart of Michigan. Betsy DeVos has a caring heart and a driven spirit. That is the reason why she was chosen as Secretary of Education.


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Steve Ritchies Apologizes On Behalf Of Papa Johns

Papa Johns, the once-beloved American pizza giant has been suffering strained public relations in recent years, but it seems that with their new, forward thinking CEO Steve Ritchies, they may have the cure to their ills.

A simple ‘I’m sorry’ rarely means much on its own, and the most important thing is demonstrating a desire and intent to correct past wrongs, and to ensure that they stay in the past. Steve Ritchies has done this and more in his first act as CEO, a very prudent move to apologize for past mistakes and lay out his intent to better the company moving forward.

He took a very intelligent approach to his apology, putting himself in the same boat as spurned customers and speaking of how he was personally hurt by the discord caused between the company and them while also separating himself from the cause. ‘The new leadership is different, more reasonable, understanding and responsible from the old’, as it’s implied.

He deftly avoids blame without discrediting the complaints and offense suffered by the public, and then goes on to plainly acknowledge that action is necessary and that words aren’t enough on their own. He puts forward a three point plan for improvement, and promises to lead personally.

The first point is the introduction of experts from outside the company to evaluate their company culture, to promote inclusion and diversity, to identify what the company does well and what it does poorly and to use these lessons to adjust their company culture in the process.

The second is to take senior management to the ground level, to speak to the little people, employees, customers, managers who give life to Papa Johns, and it’s finished off with a promise of transparency and a desire for the customers of Papa Johns to hold them accountable. As a final note, it was sent directly to customers, making it markedly more personal. In all, Steve Ritchies has given a good lesson in leadership, and displayed a simple understanding of people and the human element that a CEO might often lack.

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Renew Youth: Safeguarding Women During Perimenopause

Perimenopausal women are at a higher risk of undergoing the dangerous consequences that come as a result of having excessively high estrogen levels in their bodies. While being Estrogen deficient certainly has its own downsides, being estrogen dominant is particularly threatening to a woman’s own safety. Renew Youth has been helping women balance their hormones safely for over twenty years in operation.

First, it is important to understand what Perimenopause is and how it can potentially be harmful. Perimenopause is the transitional period to menopause in which there is a decline in the production of eggs. Because the quality and quantity of the eggs drastically falls, the estrogen levels increase. This can be dangerous because this hormone is both stimulating to the nervous system and promotes breast cancer. The symptoms that result as an effect equally as unappealing, including, but not limited to memory and hair loss, weight gain, and headaches. Estrogen Dominance also increases a woman’s risk for conditions such as Ovarian and Uterine Cancer.

While Estrogen Dominance is common, our daily norms have become risk factors. The three main concerns are stress, obesity, and Xenoestrogens. The high stress levels of daily life result in the imbalance of hormones, as well as cause premature aging. Obesity is also an issue because ovaries are not the only location in which estrogen is produced. They are also made in fat cells, and because obese women are more common, more women are prone to Estrogen Dominance. Xenoestrogens are various chemicals found in our environment that have to ability to interfere in endocrine functioning, thus causing estrogen levels to unsafely spike. Renew Youth aims to help women at risks such as these gain the treatment they need to eliminate any future problems that may occur and make the process easier, and more efficient.

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Why You Need to Do a Full Body Cleanse is a great place to start if you want to learn more about getting more energy and ridding your body of the many toxins that we all have. Our bodies are very efficient in getting rid of the toxins and chemicals that we get from unfiltered water, air pollution, processed foods, beauty products, and cleaning products. However, there are just so many of them, and our bodies simply cannot keep up with keeping our bodies free from these toxins, and they build up making us sick. Visit Dherbs on facebook to learn more about their platform. show you how it all works and why it’s a good choice for you. When you do the full body cleanse you can drastically reduce the number of irritants that affect your body many systems so you can be healthier and have more energy. The Dherbs cleanse will clean out your lungs, liver, kidneys, and colon and even your bloodstream so you can function better and have more energy to keep up with your busy lifestyle. Just like a car needs to be tuned up regularly, your body also needs to be cleaned out for time to time to aid in its daily functions. The Dherbs cleanse is the equivalent to an oil change, and you will be getting rid of all the toxins and irritants that are harming you.

Doing the cleanse will not only help you to have more energy but you will also be able to lose weight more easily, and you will feel amazing. Many people including celebrities such as Brandy, Kim Kimble, and Sherri Shepherd swear by the effects that it has on their lives, and it’s a way to live a life that is more full and enjoyable. The full cleanse includes six different formulas and a raw vegan diet plan that is a twenty-day process.

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Ryan Seacrest: A Broadcasting Entrepreneur with many hats

Ryan Seacrest has many notable accomplishments under his belt. He began working in the broadcasting field but has since expanded his accomplishments to include fashion and as a humanitarian.

Broadcasting is the area where Seacrest has a long-standing list of notable accomplishments. Ryan Seacrest has a history in television, film as well as radio. Seacrest started out as co-host of American Idol during its first season. The second season Seacrest returned as sole host and remained host of the show until it ended in 2016.

Live with Kelly and Ryan – Ryan Seacrest recently joined Kelly as permanent co-host of the Emmy Awarded show “Live”

“On Air with Ryan” is a nationally syndicated show is a combination of talk, comedy, and music. Seacrest is the Executive producer and host of this Los Angeles Radio morning show. Segments from the show are aired in other cities to further increase the listening audience.

Seacrest decided to try his hand in the fashion industry and has both a men’s fashion line and skin care products.

Distinction is Seacrest’s Clothing line offered exclusively at Macy’s Department stores. It consists of suit’s, separates, accessories and evening wear. It is one of the retail chain’s most successful menswear launches of this decade.

Polish is a Skincare line that Seacrest partnered with a dermatologist and developed easy to use line of products for men.

Humanitarian is another hat worn by Seacrest as he has the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. This is a nonprofit initiative. It was designed to build broadcast media centers. There are ten centers all located in pediatric hospitals. They offer an opportunity for patients to creatively explore broadcasting.

Seacrest is no longer just a prominent figure in broadcasting. He has successfully ventured in the fashion industry and is also a noted philanthropic member of society. He has used his prominence in the broadcasting field to successfully venture out in many areas.


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Meet Deirdre Baggot: A Force of Change in the World of Bundled Payments and the Healthcare Sector at Large

Deirdre Baggot is a renowned bundled payment expert with over 10 years of experience in the healthcare sector. From her work background, you can tell that she strives to excel in everything she does. She pursued her PhD at the University of Colorado and B.S. Master’s degree at Loyola University School of Business. She started the journey in the sector by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Nursing.

Baggot is well known for her contribution to the healthcare sector through bundled payments reforms. She pushed for an efficient billion method to replace the then existing fee-for-service payments. She has explained about her interest in bundled payments in various platforms.

The renowned bundled payment expert recognizes the agony patients especially the ones with chronic illness go through footing their medical bills. She pushed for bundled payments to ease the burden on payments to foot their medical bills. Many Americans couldn’t hold up to ever-flowing medical bills in their mail boxes. It goes beyond making medical life easier for patients to ease the burden on doctors, administrative staff as well as nurses. Visit to know more about Baggot

Deirdre Baggot, Ph.D., MBA, BSN, argues that with the existing 60,000 unique diagnoses, about 6,000 prescription, about 4,000 operative procedures, OTC drugs and routine techniques, bundled payments is the only way forward. She is always trying to bring positive change to every organization she sets her foot on.

She began her work career at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in the 1990s as a nurse. She also served as a resource coordinator and in that capacity, she helped the hospital generate more revenue to finance hospital projects that improved patient care. She went on to be a business analyst as well as administrative manager at the University of Michigan Health System six years later.

In just three years in the University of Michigan Health System, Baggot brought a lot of changes in regard to safety, quality control, efficiency and other areas. She also earned Lean/Six Sigma certification as well as Outstanding Leadership in Safety award.

9 years later, Ms. Baggot moved to SCL Health’s Cardiac and Vascular Institute serving as a senior administrator. She served in the capacity to manage over 450 employees and oversee other areas of the organization. Deirdre Baggot has also served at GE Healthcare Partners as healthcare payment systems senior vice president.

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Serge Belamont Is The Founder And CEO Of Net1

There are few men that have had such a profound effect on technology out there today, but Serge Belamant has made huge contributions to the development of the industry over the course of his life. Serge Belamant is the founder of Net1 Technologies, which he currently operates as the Chief Executive Officer as well. Net1 is a company focused on blockchain technology for debit and credit cards with many more applications available to the technology. These smart cards utilizing Serge’s blockchain technology can be used online or offline and do not require any sort of communication with a computer connected to a network.

In 1989, Serge Belamant created the first form of smart cards utilizing blockchain technology, which are also known as UEPS. The system which these cards were able to operate on was known as SASWITCH, a system that Serge Belamant developed then took to start off his own company in October of the same year, Net1. Serge’s patented technology went on to serve many banks around the country for several years, contributing to his success as a technological pioneer.

Serge Belamant has done some serious traveling in his life, being born in Tulle, France and moving to South Africa with his family by the age of fourteen years old. This move didn’t impede Serge’s progress and he was able to complete academic studies with ease while also being highly involved in sports. After completing his high school education, Serge went on to university to further his academic career, starting with engineering.

During his first year of college, Serge was focused on engineering, but gave it up within the first year and went for computer sciences instead. Serge was much more suited to math and technology relating to computers, which is what he focused on for the remainder of his studies at college. Despite this, Serge ended up working for an engineering company out of college known as Matrix and he spent a lot of time working on computers, specifically IBM machines.

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Shinto and Kokkindes: A Management Team for Success

Dr. Richard Shinto has made a name for himself over the past decade as becoming one of the premier executives at Innovacare Health. His streamlined and innovative approach for looking at managed care and what can be done for the future of this care has earned him several awards, including the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, as well as being named in Modern Healthcare’s top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare of 2018. Shinto has served the healthcare sector, and particularly the managed care sector, for over 20 years, and he is showing no signs of slowing down.

Richard Shinto started his career after earning his medical degree from the University of New York at Stony Brook, as well as his MBA from the University of Redlands. He worked hard as an internist and pulmonologist in California before realizing that he really wanted to make a difference. Shinto joined the Cal Optima Health Plan as the Chief Medical officer, and shortly after he was offered a position as the CEO of Aveta, Inc. Now, he is the CEO of Innovacare health, and he is not looking back.

When Shinto made the move over to the executive team of Innovacare Health, he brought along with him Penelope Kokkinides as his COO. Ms. Kokkinides, like Shinto, has nearly two decades of managed health experience, and she served as the COO of Aveta before leaving in 2012. Before working at Aveta, Kokkinides worked as the VP for Care management and Disease Management at AmeriChoice, which was part of United Health Group at the time. She also spent several years working as the COO of Touchstone Health. It is clear that with the addition of these two individuals, Innovacare Health now has a team that wants to win in the market and provides the best care to its patients.

Innovacare Health was founded on the three basic pillars of culture, leadership, and governance. Management at Innovacare works to integrate these three basic pillars into providing the best care for their customers while also ensuring that new and innovative tools are used in the process. Innovacare Health has focused its approach to helping its over 500,000 patients find the care they need at a cost they can afford. The Company works with health plans, Medicare, and Medicaid to get their patients the right care at the right cost. Their integrated approach, along with their leadership, will ensure that Innovacare is providing the best care for their patients.