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Roseann Bennett On Dealing With Mental Health

Mental health in the past few years has become a great concern in the American society. Cases of massive shooting, and suicides (from depressions), have in the past decade become common. Although there is less coverage of depression cases, addictions and eating disorders, by the media, they are common in the society. It is, however, important to note that many working places have embraced the need for proper mental health remedies by introducing therapists and accessible channels for help.


Unknown by many, Mental Health Awareness has been a worldwide campaign (for many years now) to educate masses on the importance of seeking help. This year’s awareness week witnessed a massive outreach. Roseann Bennett, one of the most vocal therapists in the USA gave a simple but a helpful approach to dealing with a majority of mental health issues.


As a certified and a registered therapist, she views talking to someone or speaking out as the most efficient way of dealing with mental health. According to Roseann Bennett, Co-Founder of Center of Assessment and Treatment, speaking out an issue helps the person heal faster. Apart from the method being simple and effective, it is the cheapest among all mental health remedies.


The second way of dealing with mental issues is coming up with a way to cope with stress. According to this family therapist, avoiding stress is impractical and the best a person can do is to find ways of managing stress. Bennett points out that coping with stress is achievable through many ways. This can include concentrating of our hobbies.


Roseann Bennett also believes that being optimist is an incomparable advice one can ever get. Life has both happy and disappointing moments. Concentrating on the good part of life assures one a fulfilled and nourishing life. Apart from being optimists, Roseann Bennett recommends people to be open to life and be flexible on decisions. View More Information Here.



Aloha Construction Provides Award Winning Service

You want to hire a company that provides services that are responsible for keeping a sturdy and reliable roof. You need a company that you can trust when seeking out these services, and Aloha construction is a perfect choice. Aloha Construction is a construction company that provides services in the Illinois and Wisconsin area. The company specializes in roofing, siding, and gutters. But there are a variety of reasons that explain why Aloha Construction is #1 in its field.


Aloha Construction received the Better Business Bureau Torch Award in 2017 for their outstanding service and marketplace ethics. Their exemplary service earned them the award because of the continuous success in their field of expertise. Their honesty and high-quality service got them recognized by the BBB a few years in a row. Aloha Construction is a company that you can trust and they have the consecutive awards to prove it.


The services provided by the award winning company are available in not one but two states. Their services are available all over the states of Illinois and Wisconsin. The highly rated company started out as small, family-owned business about 10 years ago before it began its major expansion. Aloha Construction is a company that sets goals for itself and makes sure to accomplish them. The company was able to set a goal in of completing 20,000 roofing jobs in the state of Illinois in a year, and they were able to reach that goal in the year 2017.


This construction company provides more services than roofing, siding, and gutters. They are able to do this by partnering with the Aloha Restoration company. The partner company is able to provide restoration services for fire, water, smoke, and mold damages. The partner company also specializes in remodeling anything in the home such as kitchens, floors, bathrooms, and basements. The combined services of these 2 companies can provide an all-in-one service for interior and exterior home remodeling.


The company has proved time and time again that it is a company that the people can trust. They offer extensive knowledge in their field of expertise and have partnered up with another company that helps them help you. Allow the highly trained professionals to provide their excellent services for you.

Adam Milstein in the fight for the welfare of the Jewish community

When the greatest sons of Israeli are mentioned, one of the people who will be counted is Adam Milstein. Milstein lives in the United States bit has not stopped him from fighting for the rights of the country of his birth. When he came into the United States, he came to look for further education, but on reaching here, he found better opportunities and joined the business sector as a real estate developer. Since 1981 when he moved to the United States and enrolled at the University of South Carolina, his life has been in the U.S. He has kept close tabs with the issues that affect his motherland. He has never allowed the shift to the U.S to affect who he is. He is leading the team which fights for the identity of the Jewish community from the diaspora.


In the period he has been in the United States, he has managed to establish a business empire in the real estate sector. Hager Pacific Properties is one of the companies that has been in the real estate sector and made a huge impact. The company currently owns property worth about $1 billion. Adam Milstein is estimated to be worth over $200 million. Currently, he serves as the managing partner of this company.


Adam Milstein is, however, not popular among the Jews for his role in business. It his dedication to fighting for their welfare that has caught the attention of the community. He is leading the war against anti-Semitism especially in the United States from abroad. He has noticed with great concern that there is a rise in cases of this vice, but he is never going to allow it to happen without a fight.


Adam Milstein and others who believe in the strength of the Jewish State of Israel are leading efforts to condemn the vice while at the same time calling for the Jews in all parts of the world to come together and stand for what is right for them. Adam Milstein has formed an organization, which he is the chairman, to champion for the welfare of the Jews. The organization is known as Israeli-American Council.


Rocketship Education is an initiative that has brought together a group of schools that performs very well. It is a national network in schools that perform very well and they are in the underserved communities. The schools offer parents the best option of taking their children to these schools. The people who will benefit most is those who come from areas like Bay Area, Milwaukee, Nashville and Washington DC.

The Rocketship Schools are built on some fundamentals and pillars that help the institution to be outstanding. It has greatly invested in the talents of these young people knowing that these are some of the areas where the young and poor children can prosper. There are very young poor people who are full of talents but because they do not have enough finances, they are not able to explore their talents very well. The schools have ensured that this is catered for.

The schools have also made sure that there is the proper engagement of parents in ensuring that they help these children grow strongly while in school. This is termed as parent’s power. The great thing is that it has taken learning to be personalized. There are teachers who want to be better in their teaching skills. Rocketship Schools is the best place to better your teaching profession. It is so because there is a lot of time for coaching and also there is weekly coaching. Ty will now be solved.

John Danner is one of the founders of the Rocketship Education. He thinks that most of their problems that have been facing the American Fraternity will now be solved. The Rocketship Discovery Prep is among the schools that are bridging the gap that has been there over the years. The gap between the poor and the privileged children. This gap has been there for a very long time and at times it could determine the path that the young person could take. Poor children could join the school and then they at one point drop out due to lack of enough resources. Now, the Rocketship Schools are offering hope to this kind of children.

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Jeff Herman: Tips To Avoid Sexual Abuse


With the changing times, it is crucial for all parents to create some time off their complicated schedules so that they can learn what is happening in the lives of their children. Young people are being molested by friends and older people in the society just because they are not well informed. These predators come from all corners of life, offline and online. If you want to be safe from this issue, it is paramount to learn some tips from experts.

Founder and Managing Partner of Herman Law; Jeff Herman has been working in the legal department for decades, and he has dealt with so many cases of rape, sexual exploitation and even sexual abuse.

Jeff Herman believes that it is possible to avoid these problems from the young people. Herman says that it is parent’s duty to talk to their young ones about sexual predators. This is the only way to avoid getting your child in trouble.


Here are several Tips to Protect Your Kids:

  • Always remember the age of your child: when your child is growing, there is need to speak to them about their bodies and the changes that come later. When in this stage, every parent should use the best and most appropriate language that will suit the child. There are some parts that are considered to be private, and they should not be exposed to other people. When your children are aware of this, they will not allow people to touch them.


  • Jeff Herman stresses the importance of saying no to bad behavior: regardless of their age, all children must be made to understand that they can comfortably say no to the activities they do not like. Remind them that they should not allow strangers or even family members to touch the wrong places. Children who speak for themselves do not get molested.


  • Teaching using examples is also a great idea. When you are speaking to your young one, try to use examples and make it clear that even the people who are extremely close to them can sexually molest them. Tell your child that even uncles, teachers, friends, officers in the police forces and many other close relatives can harm them.

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Jeunesse: Increase Your Body Fitness by using ZEN BODI


We are currently living in a world where it is crucial to maintaining your body fitness through diet and physical exercises to prevent the development of lifestyle diseases. Many individuals have been diagnosed and treated of the emerging lifestyle problems while others are experiencing challenges trying to contain such disorders. Although controlling what we eat is vital in preventing lifestyle challenges, taking body supplements to balance various nutrients in our bodies is essential.


ZEN BODI is a nutritional supplement that is important and necessary when we want to control our bodies such that we do not have excess nutrients that may cause our hormones to respond negatively. It is important to note that hormones might react by forming excess fats in our bodies which may lead to heart diseases and other severe conditions that can even lead to death.


ZEN BODI works in three dimensions to ensure that our body remains balanced and defensive against lifestyle challenges. It curbs appetite hence preventing overeating. It is worth noting that overeating causes obesity which may lead to complications and increased cholesterol in our bodies. ZEN BODI burns excess fats such that the bodies don’t store excess fats that are not healthy as they may block blood vessels while also exposing us to stroke and other lifestyle problems.


Finally, ZEN BODI builds muscles in our body such that our physical strength is enhanced through the increased number of muscles in our body. Having muscles makes you physically fit, and you can perform physical activities without challenges.


About Jeunesse

Wendy and Randy are the brains behind Jeunesse Multinational Corporation that focuses on selling nutritional supplements and skincare products. The firm has been in operation for almost two decades where it has been using advanced technology to produce and sell some of the most acceptable skincare and nutritional supplements in the industry. The anti-aging skincare products manufactured and sold by this company have since been some of the trendiest products in the industry, owing to the number of sales they have been recording in different countries. Moreover, the company’s nutritional supplements have not been left behind as they remain some of the most advanced dietary supplements in the industry. This explains why the company has significantly expanded such that it has footholds in more than 130 countries.

Jeff Herman Wants Parents To Know How To Protect Their Kids From Sexual Predators

Jeff Herman, a well-known attorney who works on sexual abuse cases, is letting parents know how to keep their children safe from sexual predators. He has worked with his law firm Herman Law for years and is the founder and managing partner of the firm. The vulnerability of children is the first thing that makes them open for sexual abuse from predators who bank on a kid’s naivety. While parents can’t always be with their kids, they can communicate with them and let them know about healthy boundaries and more. Jeff likes to share some Tips to Protect Your Kids from Sexual Abuse to all parents out there.


Jeff Herman advises that parents should keep the conversation at an age appropriate level when they talk to their children. Using the right kind of language can help them to communicate with their kids who need to know what part of their body off-limit to anyone is. Using the right kinds of words will also give parents a way to talk to their kids if something ever does happen. Jeff Herman also wants parents to teach their kids to know that they can say no at any age. He wants parents to understand that they should communicate that this means they can say no to anyone no matter who they are. He also believes that parents should talk with their children more than once and keep an open-line of dialogue, so kids feel safe to communicate with them. Go Here for related Information.


Jeff Herman wants parents to know that it is their job to watch for signs that their kids have been or might be the target of sexual abuse. A good relationship with their children will help them to build trust, which is crucial. He advises that it is a good idea to keep a close watch on any adults in their kids’ lives and that no adult should be talking with their kids through any electronic channels. Any adults who say inappropriate things around your kids or who want to spend personal time with them should be paid attention to.


In the end, Jeff Herman wants people’s children to be safe as possible, because he would rather have less cases to prosecute than a schedule full of helping children who have already been abused by a predator. It Is this advocacy in protecting the children that Kid Safe Foundation on their 4th annual fundraiser termed Jeff Herman as the Child Advocate of the Year.


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Stream Energy Helping People Through Their Foundation

Stream Energy is a successful company that has made countless people build huge businesses, but in light of several tragedies, they have come out with different ways to be of service to the world. They created the Stream Cares Foundation, and they have helped numerous people right after the Hurricane Harvey accident in Dallas. Having dropped as much as dozens of inches in rain, they finally came together to provide a complete solution and help efficiently. Stream Energy would take the money from their business and put it into Stream Cares. This foundation is creating real change.

Stream Energy is a direct-selling energy. They wanted to formalize their philanthropy work throughout Texas with the help of their foundation that they built. Since they have been helping out for more than a dozen years, they decided to create their foundation. They proved through their help the power of the Dallas corporation leveraging philanthropy and charity to do more than just give their brand something powerful PR but also create some serious positive change.

They have worked with all the right people and have successfully partnered up with Hope Supply Co. This Dallas-based organization has created solutions for giving people the food that they need. They helped cover meal costs for more than 1,000 North Texas homeless children during one of their Splash for Hope events. They created a huge change during the horrifying accidents that happened through Hurricane Harvey.

They bring heart, love, and respect to their organizations. Both of them worked together to help give the homeless what they needed during the huge hurricane several years ago. Today, Stream Energy is continuing to create change by providing a real place to give back to the community. Every single year they are giving more ways to help out in the way that they can.

Shervin Pishevar Decries Short-Term Thinking

The short-term thinking of members of the U.S. economy has become a major issue for the former Uber investor, Shervin Pishevar. The J. William Fullbright Foreign Scholarship Board member recently spent 21 hours giving his Twitter followers a glimpse into the failings he believes will remain in position across the U.S. unless the short-term thinking of those in positions of power changes to a more forward-thinking way of developing the nation for the future.

During his 21-hour Twitter storm, Pishevar stated his belief in the problems facing the U.S. in terms of the short-sighted view of the need to develop the infrastructure of the nation in the coming months. Shervin Pishevar has been a major part of the U.S. economy for many years as he has acted as an angel investor and long-term investor in many of the top technology companies in the country.

For Shervin Pishevar, the problems facing the U.S. come from a short-term approach to development not shared by some of the entrepreneurs in the world. Pishevar believes the major technology visionaries such as Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson have been derided by their contemporaries in the U.S. technology field because they are willing to think outside the box. Chinese projects such as the nine-hour construction of a new train station are becoming routine around the world, the U.S. is being left behind as the world looks to new ways of completing major projects and developing new technologies.

Shervin Pishevar not only held government officials and infrastructure specialists in the U.S. to account during his Twitter storm but also spent much of his time exploring the many problems facing the technology sector in Silicon Valley. As one of the most important technology developers and investors in the world, Shervin Pishevar explained he has little time for the top five technology companies in the U.S. he blames for stifling the growth of startups and creating a development vacuum now being filled by foreign technology experts and startups.

How Sahm Adrandi is Instrumental in Kerrisdale Capital

A negative report was published by Newswire stating how Kerrisdale Capital acquired a short position in St. Joe Company. Having plans for transforming the area near Panama City into an attractive avenue for the retirees, the company has engaged in the real estate business in Florida. Moreover, the report indicates that the company is currently valued at 1 billion dollars.

Its swampy location where the majority of its land is different from the beach land enables it to monetize its assets. To justify its valuation, the report states that for a period of fifty years, commercial space worth 400,000 square feet and 2700 home sites are sold every year. Furthermore, the report indicates that besides leading in sales in America, more commercial real estate would be sold than the adsorbed one in the Panhandle market.

Sahm Adrangi illustrates that unlike the earlier proposed plans for the company, the current ones are not feasible. He further states that investors who have waited for their dues for a long time should psychologically prepare to wait for long time. This is because St. Joe is struggling in its attempt to monetize its land at a slow pace.

Fairholme Funds who are the largest investors in St. Joe have enacted liquidity rules to enable the shareholders to comply with the company’s regulations. Under the leadership of Sahm Adrangi, Kerrisdale Capital has recorded success in its investments. In addition to being the Chief Investment Officer, he also serves as its managing partner.

The company uses a value-oriented approach to hasten and gain long-term investments. Moreover, it has demonstrated its uniqueness by sharing its investment ideas with other investment companies. Sahm Adrangi’s leadership believes that the activists’ campaigns can be enhanced by the internet where the hedge funds could be used to improve the company’s investments. It will broadcast the investments through the theses presented at every event.

Sahm Adrangi initially worked at the Long-acre Fund Management as its analyst. The investor’s career started at Deutsche Bank and Chanin capital partners where he served diligently on several levels. Besides studying Education at the prestigious Yale University, Sahm Adrangi is a motivational speaker at various investment conferences.