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Jeff Herman: Tips To Avoid Sexual Abuse


With the changing times, it is crucial for all parents to create some time off their complicated schedules so that they can learn what is happening in the lives of their children. Young people are being molested by friends and older people in the society just because they are not well informed. These predators come from all corners of life, offline and online. If you want to be safe from this issue, it is paramount to learn some tips from experts.

Founder and Managing Partner of Herman Law; Jeff Herman has been working in the legal department for decades, and he has dealt with so many cases of rape, sexual exploitation and even sexual abuse.

Jeff Herman believes that it is possible to avoid these problems from the young people. Herman says that it is parent’s duty to talk to their young ones about sexual predators. This is the only way to avoid getting your child in trouble.


Here are several Tips to Protect Your Kids:

  • Always remember the age of your child: when your child is growing, there is need to speak to them about their bodies and the changes that come later. When in this stage, every parent should use the best and most appropriate language that will suit the child. There are some parts that are considered to be private, and they should not be exposed to other people. When your children are aware of this, they will not allow people to touch them.


  • Jeff Herman stresses the importance of saying no to bad behavior: regardless of their age, all children must be made to understand that they can comfortably say no to the activities they do not like. Remind them that they should not allow strangers or even family members to touch the wrong places. Children who speak for themselves do not get molested.


  • Teaching using examples is also a great idea. When you are speaking to your young one, try to use examples and make it clear that even the people who are extremely close to them can sexually molest them. Tell your child that even uncles, teachers, friends, officers in the police forces and many other close relatives can harm them.

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Jeff Herman Wants Parents To Know How To Protect Their Kids From Sexual Predators

Jeff Herman, a well-known attorney who works on sexual abuse cases, is letting parents know how to keep their children safe from sexual predators. He has worked with his law firm Herman Law for years and is the founder and managing partner of the firm. The vulnerability of children is the first thing that makes them open for sexual abuse from predators who bank on a kid’s naivety. While parents can’t always be with their kids, they can communicate with them and let them know about healthy boundaries and more. Jeff likes to share some Tips to Protect Your Kids from Sexual Abuse to all parents out there.


Jeff Herman advises that parents should keep the conversation at an age appropriate level when they talk to their children. Using the right kind of language can help them to communicate with their kids who need to know what part of their body off-limit to anyone is. Using the right kinds of words will also give parents a way to talk to their kids if something ever does happen. Jeff Herman also wants parents to teach their kids to know that they can say no at any age. He wants parents to understand that they should communicate that this means they can say no to anyone no matter who they are. He also believes that parents should talk with their children more than once and keep an open-line of dialogue, so kids feel safe to communicate with them. Go Here for related Information.


Jeff Herman wants parents to know that it is their job to watch for signs that their kids have been or might be the target of sexual abuse. A good relationship with their children will help them to build trust, which is crucial. He advises that it is a good idea to keep a close watch on any adults in their kids’ lives and that no adult should be talking with their kids through any electronic channels. Any adults who say inappropriate things around your kids or who want to spend personal time with them should be paid attention to.


In the end, Jeff Herman wants people’s children to be safe as possible, because he would rather have less cases to prosecute than a schedule full of helping children who have already been abused by a predator. It Is this advocacy in protecting the children that Kid Safe Foundation on their 4th annual fundraiser termed Jeff Herman as the Child Advocate of the Year.


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