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Alex Pall: Following his Dreams of Becoming a Musician

Alex Pall was once an ordinary guy who dreamed of becoming a world-famous musician. He worked hard to turn his dreams into reality, and it eventually placed him on the global stage as he became a part of the famous band called The Chainsmokers. Today, The Chainsmokers is considered as one of the leading bands around the world, and they have released some songs that are consistently making it to the top music charts in every country across the planet. They have also dominated YouTube and other video sharing platform, as their channels started raking in hundreds of millions of views. After the debut of their first single, the band managed to create a massive following, with thousands following their daily lives on social media networks.

Alex Pall is excited to announce the arrival of their new single entitled “Closer,” and he stated that he worked hard with Andrew Taggart to create the song with a catchy tune. They are appealing to their fans to support their new single and encouraged them to purchase their older songs. The Chainsmokers will be in a global tour, and they stated that in every country which they visit, they would promote their album and would politely ask the people to buy it. The fans who are loyal to the band since 2012 have always done their best to increase the sales of the duo’s album. The Chainsmokers would always extend their gratitude to those who are still supporting their music.

Before meeting Andrew Taggart, Alex Pall worked inside an art gallery and would tour around the bars in New York City to work as a DJ. Because of his pure talent, a manager got hold of his information and told him that there would be a band that he will be forming. Alex Pall was partnered with Andrew Taggart, and because of their love for music, the two clicked instantly, and they became close friends. Their manager kept his role as they form their new band, and The Chainsmokers have become a phenomenal music icon because of the number one hits that they would always release.