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OSI Group Is One Of The Oldest And Largest Food Suppliers

There are various food suppliers around the country in the United States today, but few are as large as OSI Group, which operates on a global level. OSI was actually started up by a German that moved over to the United States in 1907. Within a couple years, Otto wanted to manage his own business and started up a small meat market in central Chicago. There were other food suppliers around the area, but Otto managed to do pretty well. After bringing in his sons to the company and renaming to Otto & Sons, the business started to take off and receive more attention from the public. Otto & Sons didn’t actually take on the OSI Group name until the 1970’s when Sheldon Lavin was brought in to the company as an executive.

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For the next two decades, Otto & Sons did moderately well in the market, growing at a small but steady pace over the years. The true game-changer for OSI came in 1950 when OSI formed a business relationship with McDonald’s the worlds leading fast-food chain. As a meat supplier, OSI Group was perfect for the job to supply McDonald’s with all the beef they needed to make their burgers for hundreds of thousands of Americans. With dedicated factories set up for McDonald’s, OSI Group was able to see huge increases in annual revenue because of the massive amount of beef that McDonald’s needed every month.

By 1980, OSI Group had become the official name for the company at the request of Sheldon Lavin, which was accepted by the original owners before the ended up retiring. With Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group was on the road to global expansion, opening new facilities in foreign territory to expand on their food supply network. By 2000, OSI had already become one of the biggest food processors in the United States as they began acquiring other companies in the market.


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OSI Food Solutions Takes The Extra Steps To Ensure They Are Providing The Highest Quality Products

OSI Food Solutions is a global food services organization based in Illinois. They have branches in numerous countries including the United States, China and Europe. The company supplies protein items including beef patties, sausage links, pizza and sandwiches to the leading retail brands and food services. The company is privately owned, has fifty facilities located in seventeen countries and employs global efficiency. OSI Food Solutions has had a presence in China for two decades. They have grown along with China’s economy and operate eight factories in the country. A new plant was established last year in the Henan province to enable further processing. A joint venture was announced during the same month with the DOYOO Group in Zhoukou. This is a poultry operation serving McDonalds, Saizeriya, Subway, Starbucks, Papa John’s, Yum, and Burger King.

Last year, OSI Food Solutions began expanding and launching new production and processing facilities across the globe. This includes increasing the staff of a facility for processing beef in Poland by thirty percent. A modern feed mill has been established in Shandong Providence ensuring a yearly capacity of 600,000 metric tons. Madanapalle, India has a new processing plant for frozen foods to produce vegetable products for fast service restaurants. Frozen entries are now being produced by a plant in Geneva. A large area for cold storage and a high capacity line for production have been established in Bábolna. This has more than doubled the production of chicken with 22,000 tons produced annually.

Sheldon Lavin is always pushing OSI food Solutions to grow. This has infused the organization with energy to offer even more to customers and become more significant in the industry. There is a lot more to what customers are being offered than just the production capacity of the company. The business grows and expands with product development and partnerships with numerous suppliers. Consumers have become a lot more sophisticated and demanding in what they choose to eat. This includes organic and natural, healthy yet tasty and premium instead of affordable.

OSI Food Solutions are providing consumers with exactly what they are looking for by using the partnering process. This involves the engagement of equipment manufacturers so processes can be developed to increase the quality and safety of food. There is x-ray equipment built into certain machines capable of detecting foreign particles. The lengths the company goes to in providing the best possible quality to their clients is the reason they have been honored with numerous awards.

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