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Sussex Healthcare is striving to improve the Services Offered within the Organization

Since its inception, Sussex Healthcare’s main focus has been about progressing forward. Recently, the company did an evaluation that was aimed at looking at what makes them a great healthcare organization. They also looked into the areas that they may need to improve on. The Sussex Healthcare management is trying to look into how they can serve their customers in a better manner while also ensuring that their services are affordable. Sussex is also looking into how they can offer high-quality healthcare services.

As for Sussex Healthcare, they believe that communication is an important tool for any organization to succeed. The healthcare organization is dedicated to ensuring that their employees and customers have clear communication in matters regarding general changes within Sussex of the health of each of the patients. Sussex also has many homes. The staff in each home are trained accordingly. They are also hardworking, and the upper management always issues guidelines on how the staff can make a positive impact on the lives of the patients, how they can correct issues, and how they can improve the various conditions in each home. Additionally, the employees at Sussex understand the importance of trying to make a difference within the society.

Although change cannot be inflicted in one night, Steve Whittingham who is the COO of Sussex Healthcare is proud of the progress that the healthcare organization has made so far. Whittingham has strived towards improving their services as a way of ensuring that the seniors receive the support that they need. Sussex will ensure that they are in constant communication with their staff within the organization. The staff is in a better position to enlighten the management on the areas that need improvement. Additionally, the staff is knowledgeable about the impact that will come about after enforcing various changes.

Lynn Lovett is a suitable example that showcases that the team at the Sussex Healthcare is trying to make a positive impact by enforcing various changes. Lynn Lovett has been a member of Sussex for five years. As a member of Sussex, she works with her team in a manner that showcases that they are more of a family unit that is ready to support each other in any instance. The people that they support at the Upper Mead are always happy to work together with Lynn Lovett and the other members of her team.

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The Sage Advice of Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a respected source of market insight with a wide following among retail investors. Currently, he is a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, where he authors investment newsletters aimed at helping average investors sort through much of the noise in the financial marketplace. His work is read by over 60,000 investors, who subscribe to his newsletter to receive his market advice.

Paul Mampilly holds an undergraduate degree from Montclair State University. He began his Wall Street career as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust, which ultimately became Deutsche Bank after a merger. At Deutsche Bank, Mampilly shifted into market research, becoming a research assistant. Eventually, he moved up the ranks in market research, rising to senior research analyst at ING.

Then, the buy side came beckoning for Paul Mampilly. The hedge fund Kinetics Asset Management sought him out to manage their hedge fund, and Mampilly succeeded wildly. Under Mampilly’s direction, the hedge fund’s assets under management more than quadrupled, to over $25 billion. His hedge fund posted average annual returns of nearly 43 percent.

Paul Mampilly retired from active asset management in 2016, citing a desire to spend more time with his family. After his retirement, he began a second career publishing his own investment newsletter. A priority of Mampilly’s is helping the average investors navigate the complex web of the financial markets. He views it as his mission to dispense his advice in as widespread of a manner as possible so the average investor is not at a disadvantage when investing.

Paul Mampilly’s newsletter “Profits Unlimited” is published under the Banyan Hill umbrella. Banyan Hill has almost 400,000 readers each day. One of Mampilly’s bolder calls in his newsletter has been urging caution on Bitcoin technologies that have become the rage on Wall Street. Paul Mampilly urged investors to aggressively buy stocks in April 2017, immediately prior to the strongest leg up in the current bull market. He has continued to maintain his unwavering bullishness on the equities markets based on his understanding of the new economy.

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