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Doe Deere, Successful Business Woman

There are many reasons for wearing makeup, but a common reason is for self expression. When wearing makeup, people can bring out a side of themselves they do not normally show. Makeup is also regarded as a confidence booster for many. Because of these reasons, and many more, Doe Deere started her company, Lime Crime.


Lime Crime is newer company is the cosmetics industry. Doe Deere is the founder and CEO. She has always been interested in makeup, and she has always liked bold and vibrant colors. Doe found these very hard to find since the trends at the time were more of a natural look. When she couldn’t find the colors she was looking for, she decided to make her own.


When people saw what she was wearing for her makeup, many people quickly took to it and wanted to know where they could find it. That was the beginning of Lime Crime. Called the “queen of unicorns,” Doe set out to create products and colors that were unique and different from the other brands on the market.


Doe’s sense of business began at a young age. When she was a young teenager, she started a business selling temporary tattoos. She sold her tattoos to her classmates and got her first lessons in how to sell products and find customers.


Her business lessons continued when she moved from her home country of Russia to New York City. Once in the city, she joined a band. She was a songwriter and a promoter for the band. Doe had to write songs that their followers wanted and she had to find ways to get people in to see the shows. Her fellow bandmate also became her husband. Once Lime Crime began, he was also a business partner.


Lime Crime is a company that began online. All of the products that were for sale could be found through the e-commerce site. Being a company that had no physical stores at the time did present some challenges. Customers do not have a way to test out or sample the products. Doe’s creative side kicked in and a solution to this problem was found.


Detailed pictures were taken of each product showing how they would look when worn. The colors were also shown on multiple skin tones. A detailed description was also included with each product. These features have lead to many satisfied customers.


In recent years Lime Crime has expanded to physical stores. The products can be found in many stores around the United States and the world. This gives customers additional options for purchasing the items they love so much.


Doe Deere began her business by solving a problem she was having in her personal life. She took that idea and ran with it. By staying true to herself and her individuality, she has created a thriving business with a huge following. Learn more: