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Dick Devos and his Appointment to the FAA

Have you seen the news from the FAA? They have recently begun issuing new policies and regulations as part of their new phase to grow the aviation industry in America. There have been several months of meetings between the FAA and its new Management Advisory Council. The council was founded in 2016 and is comprised of former transportation authorities, airline business executives, and Dick Devos.


Husband to Betsy Devos, the new US Education Secretary, Dick Devos has been working with the FAA and provided lots of advise on how to help with the current issues facing airline sales in America, as well as issues that involve the education and training of pilots. Did you think that Devos was this knowledgeable on aviation? Most don’t realize that the avid pilot has multiple licenses and flies his own jets.


Of course, many have heard of his wife as she campaigns for education reform across the United States, but Dick Devos plays a different game. He wants to enter the political realm through the FAA and has been advising the agency on how to pick up growth for the next few years. He has plenty of experience, being the former head of Amway, as well as the current founder of The Windquest Group.


However, the decision was mainly based on his work with the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. The airport was founded in the early 1900s but recently hit a downtown spiral in the 1990s. However, Devos has been working with the CEO to rectify those sales issues, which includes making a few phone calls to his pals in airlines as well. In fact, Devos is famous for calling the Air Tran Airways CEO and asking him to help expand the Gerald R. Ford Airport terminals. He proposed that this would bring in lots of new business, and it did, resulting in a heavy increase of traffic for the airport.


Now almost a decade later, the airport will be undergoing a $45 million renovation that includes a new business center, food court, and technology upgrades. What’s more intriguing is that the airlines at the airport are paying for the renovations. This means that the CEO will have a completely new airport within a year.


The airport is just one of the passion projects for Devos who spends time in his hometown working with a variety of business leaders under a group called Grand Action.


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Elizabeth Warren Receives Important Endorsement From End Citizens United

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End Citizens United is endorsing Senator Elizabeth Warren in her bid for reelection. End Citizens United is an organization that has as its goal the cancellation of Citizens United, which is a Supreme Court decision. End Citizens United feels that it leads to unscrupulous campaign finance tactics. Elizabeth Warren has also fought against Citizens United. Tiffany Muller is the president of End Citizens United. She said that Warren has spent her entire career standing up against special interests and for the American people. Warren is a strong advocate for better campaign finance laws. She works hard for every American family. She works against the system in Washington.


Warren herself was very vocal about her opposition to Citizens United. She said that it allows a few extremely rich people to flood campaigns with election donations. They can then use their clout with elected politicians by getting their secret agendas passed. These agendas benefit their own business, but all too often, it is the little people who get left out. Warren says that it is time that every citizen gets a say in our democracy. We can not let a few rich people to hire hundreds of lobbyists to get what they want done. She said that she felt honored to have received the endorsement of End Citizens United and she looks forwards to working with them to end Citizens United. Warren has always been a voice for more transparency and disclosure when it comes to election finances. That is why Wall Street does not like her. End Citizens United will help her get elected by calling on its base of over ten thousand concerned citizens to help her get elected by donating to her campaign and by voting for her on election day.


End Citizens United is also raising funds for its fight for election reform. They are set to raise over thirty five million dollars before the midterm elections next year. That is around ten million dollars more than what they raised during the presidential election during last year.


During the first quarter of this year, they already collected more than four million dollars. Over one hundred thousand people donated to them. Forty thousand people made their first donation. The average donation was only twelve dollars.

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If you Build it They will Come

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They say if you shoot for the moon you hit the ceiling. And, thinking metaphorically, that statement is true, even if you are standing in the empire state building. This is one way of sizing up the goal intended for the PAC (Political Action Committee) End Citizens United.


To put things literally, the purpose of this PAC is to see the reversal of the Supreme Court’s 2010 “Citizens United” decision. This is really a substantial endeavor seeing as the law has just few years to go before it is on the books for a decade. However, it seems like End Citizens United has a plan and possibly a formula for getting results in mind. They go grassroots all day and all year long, leaving the super powers to do what they do and a make a backdrop for the political fray.


In the meantime, this PAC focuses on building the political tidal wave needed to overturn the wall one drop at a time. The astonishing part of the service they perform is that there is no time wasted. In a matter of months, this organization has millions raised. And, by the time the cycle finishes, they are sure to have multi-millions more.


They achieve this goal by sticking to one side of the political fence and gathering everyday people, who are the heart of the nation’s life, toward the party. So far, they have more than 4 million supporters to their name and the numbers are projected to keep on growing in their favor. There is a lot of work to do before the job is done in both the Senate and the House. That means there has to be a campaign to get voters involved.


As if this task is not enormous enough and a little bit daunting at times, there is the job of handling the unexpected political curve balls thrown. These can come in the form of a president who loses the popular vote and then sets loose just a bit of chaos. However, it appears that on that front End Citizens United has a plan of attack and a formula for getting change as well.


Their plan of action is to get supporters focused on critical democratic candidates in key districts who can turn tides like democratic representative Jon Ossoff. They also push a campaign that supports and endorses politicians who are truly committed to campaign finance reform.


This PAC is doing such a good job of fighting fire with fire that some of their opponents like to cry foul against their results. They say the organization burrs the lines between grassroots activism and fund raising. But, who can really be blamed for over delivery on a service. The whole point of the group is that the system they act against is not playing clean. Even so, End Citizens United still operates within the rules.

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