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Securus Technologies Remains Customer Focused with Many New Improvements

Securus Technologies, a company based in Texas, has been around for over 30 years. Over the years, this correctional facility management company has had many successes. For instance, the company has been able to lower the cost of calling and other communication for inmates. This means that they can connect with their families, friends, and take care of legal matters much more easily. The company has also used technology throughout the years to remain tops in their field.


Securus Technologies has been praised not only by the families of inmates, but by correctional facility personnel as well. At the top of the list are the monitoring services. Securus has been able to provide the legal system with valuable information regarding crimes, employee wrongdoing, and several other useful tips, making it possible to further investigation.


The company has also recently started a project using wireless containment systems to detect and cut off calls being made from contraband cellular devices. This measure alone provides value by preventing crimes from happening both inside and outside the institutions. The problem has gotten so far out of hand that there have been murders connected with contraband phones.


Securus Technologies has made significant improvements in customer service recently. The company has an over 95 percent customer satisfaction rating, and nearly all concerns are resolved in a single call. The Better Business Bureau has also accredited Securus and gave it an “A+” rating. This is quite a significant accomplishment considering the nature of the business. More information regarding the BBB information can be found at


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Securus Technologies Writes New Chapters in Incarceration and Enforcement Services

Securus Technologies added new chapters to the incarceration and enforcement services with its technology-focused solutions. The leader in prison technology has impressive coverage across the North America and serves over 2,500 facility centers. Securus, established in 1986, is a technology driver in the prison technology industry. From 2013, it spent nearly $600 million until 2016 on technologies, acquisitions, and patents, as it understood that technology advancement is the best choice to be the industry leader. Securus is based in Dallas, and it also has three regional offices with a total headcount of over 1,000 employees.


The inmates’ services offered by the firm is utilized by nearly 1,000,000 people across North America. It provides an extensive range of services including parolee trafficking, government information management solutions, detainee communications, and more. It is known for introducing a number of technologies including Cell Defender, Managed Access Solutions, option to regulate contraband mobile phones, and more. Recently, it even announced to bring a Wireless Containment Solution that can efficiently block contraband mobile phones getting connected to mobile networks. Per the latest reports, the system has been deployed in major prisons and efficiently prevented 1.7 million inmate calls using contraband mobile phones from prisons.


With the unique service experience, Securus gets a large number of appreciation mails from its facility customers. Most of those mails focus on explaining the uniqueness of its solutions, how it helped them to execute efficient incarceration services, unwind many crimes, and more. Interestingly, Securus shared some of those letters with news reporters after removing any reference leading to the identity of those. A significant number of those letters were highlighting the call monitoring solutions offered by the prison technology firm. Those tracking helped the authorities to know the drug sales, alcohol use of inmates, corruptions done by jail officials, and more. Another set of letters praised the investigative tools and jail security solutions offered by Securus.



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Securus Technologies Innovating Today for a Safer Tomorrow

Criminal justice and public safety technology solutions provider Securus Technologies serves over 3,4550 correctional and public safety facilities, and the products are available to about 1.2 million inmates. For more than thirty years, the company has offered solutions for biometric analysis, monitoring, information management, communication, incident management, and investigation. Inmates benefit from the various self-service platforms, communication, money transfer solutions, and education, entertainment, religion and health device-enabled solutions.


Law enforcement agencies, prisons, and other users in public safety facilities write back to comment on the impact of the company’s products and services. In the recently received emails, the users expressed gratitude and support for the products. In one case, Securus Technologies devices had helped a law enforcement investigate and monitor calls to gather information on money transfer substance abuse by inmates and smuggling of illegal devices into the facilities. Similarly, an officer was able to uncover a past shooting incident using the Securus products and services.


Most of the customers acknowledged the LBS software and the Investigator Pro that are instrumental in monitoring and investigations. The other emails talked about improved efficiency in delivering services, lauded efforts made by Securus to use technology to create safer spaces and for being a reliable partner.


Securus Technologies resolves to make safety a priority. As such, the company commits to creating a new product or service more than once a week to assist in combating social problems and crimes. Securus Technology invested over $670 million towards acquisitions, product diversification, partnerships, patents and new technology. Thanks to the in-house team of experts the company can speed up the development of new software. Until 2007, the company concentrated mainly on the inmate telecommunications services.


The company interacts with the stakeholders to get feedback on th products and brainstorm on possible solutions to increasing public safety. Securus Technologies also intends to reduce recidivism and improve functionality and efficiencies in public law facilities.


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