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George Soros’ Career On Wall Street Keeps Flourishing

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What hasn’t George Soros done? Popularly known as the man who made a fortune in one day, George Soros has had an outstanding career in business and entrepreneurship. Soros is known in the charity world as much as he is known in the business community. His views and contributions have had a tremendous impact on communities across the globe. To date, the billionaire has given out millions of dollars to numerous organizations that are devoted to coming up with solutions to humanity’s most intractable problems.

Soros acquired his fortune through hedge fund management, investments, and currency speculation. No one mentions the name George Soros without giving an anecdote on how the billionaire shorted the British Pound. In the year 1992, George Soros speculated with the British Pound and ended up $ 1 billion richer in just a day. This act earned him the moniker “the man who broke the Bank of England.” Soros uses his influence and resources to encourage democracy and the upholding of transparency in governments across the globe.

George Soros is never shy of making his political stand known to all. In the run to the 2016 general elections, Soros not only embraced Hillary Clinton as his preferred presidential candidate but also provided resources for her campaign and those of other Democrat hopefuls. Conservative estimates peg the amount George Soros contributed to Hillary Clinton’s political action committees at $13 million. Soros involvement in politics is not limited to the United States. In the middle of the struggle for independence in South Africa, George Soros provided financial aid and scholarship to young blacks who could not access education because of apartheid.

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The billionaire descended from Budapest in Hungary. His parents, Tivadar and Erzebet, were non-observant Jews. At a tender age, George Soros felt like he was born with messianic powers. He grew up with the personal conviction that he could play the role of a messiah in communities where he lived. He worked on this trait, and this has been one of the reasons why Soros spends a lot of his fortunes in charitable causes.

At 13 years of age, George Soros went through an experience that shaped the very ideologies he subscribes to. In the middle of the Nazi invasion, his father secured false identities for him and his family members so that they could evade isolation and persecution by the Nazis. Soros believes that they were able to use their power to overcome a known evil. At his early youth, Soros moved to London with intentions of acquiring knowledge on matters economics and finance. His enrollment at the London School of Economics is another event that helped shape his philosophies. Read more about George’s life story at

George Soros’ businesses such as Quantum Investments and Soros Fund Management, LLC have earned him a fortune to make him rank as one of the richest men on earth. Know more on Investopedia about George Soros.