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The Chainsmokers Releasing New Album in the Coming Year

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The Chainsmokers keep releasing hit after hit in 2018 like “Sick Boy”, “Everybody Hates Me”, and “You Owe Me”. While they have evolved considerably since they formed in 2012, their fans have remained loyal and eagerly await what songs will be produced by the duo next. Their song “Sick Boy” contains provocative lyrics combined with a striking melody. The Chainsmokers newest releases are much darker than anything that they have produced previously and have fans wondering what will come next from Drew Taggart and Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers.

Their first album, Memories… Do Not Open went platinum and featured the hits “Something Just Like This” and “Paris”. Theis song “Paris” was one of the first releases from the Chainsmokers that featured another well-known artist, in this case, Moby. Since then, they have worked with other popular artists such as Halsey. Their collaboration with Halsey, “Closer”, reached the top spot on music charts both in the United Kingdom and the United States. It also hit the charts in 11 countries around the world besides that. In 2016, the Chainsmokers duo performed their song “Closer” live at the MTV VMA’s and while there was a negative reaction to their performance, it just inspired them to make sure that they did better the next time. In October of the same year, Drew Taggart and Alex Pall were named to the top 100 list of DJ’s by DJ Magazine at 18th, a drastic difference from their spot at 97 in 2014.

The group took a several month break from producing music before their hit single “Sick Boy” was released in January of this year, but they haven’t stopped since then. So far they have released 4 singles in 2018 in preparation for their new album that will be released later this year. While the Chainsmokers may have been voted as the number 1 dance musicians by Billboard in 2018, their style is a combination of pop, dance, hip-hop, and indie. Whatever it is, the fans love it and the Chainsmokers will be around for a long time.