How Dallas Residents Can Change Their Looks With a Brazilian Butt Lift

An increasing number of Americans who are dissatisfied with the way they look are no longer sitting on the problem – literally. A butt lift is one method that many women and even some men have used to alter a prominent portion of their bodies. A Brazilian butt lift is a particular type of procedure that can change the appearance of the buttocks in certain ways.

Cosmetic procedures performed on the buttocks can have different results, but a Brazilian butt lift is specifically designed to improve the shape and volume of a person’s rear end by transferring fat from other parts of the body. This technique should be considered by those who have not been able to make the desired changes through diet and exercise. Additionally, those considering a Brazilian butt lift should have areas of excessive fat elsewhere on their bodies, such as the abdomen and waist, from where cellular material is available. It is this fat that will be used to shape the buttocks.

The Brazilian butt lift is popular because it is less invasive than conventional techniques, with only small incisions being made by the surgeon. It can be performed on an outpatient basis, with the patient being given either a local or a general anesthesia. The fat that is used in the transfer will be removed through the use of liposuction, which involves the insertion into the body of a small tube. The fat cells that have been taken from one part of the body will first be purified before they are injected into the buttocks. Patients can expect a recovery period of two or three weeks before they can resume most of their normal activities.

A Brazilian butt lift can give someone a younger and shapelier appearance. However, those considering the procedure should first consult with a surgeon to determine what it can do for them. The Brazilian butt lift is performed at a number of facilities in the Dallas area, including Farris Plastic Surgery, Innovations Medical and BodEvolve Medical Spa.


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